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Chapter 11- Page 1

16 Nov 2012 06:04 am

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Author Comments:

Leth.hate, 16 Nov 2012 06:06 am     Reply

Linkies, fucken!

Aw yeah, dawg! We got a new link coming atcha! Preeeeeeeeeesenting Rasputing Catamite!!
Growing in Siberia in the late 80's FTW!

Advertisement, 23 Oct 2016 10:17 pm     Reply

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User Comments:

william21, 17 Nov 2012 08:48 pm     Reply

spring cleaning time, during US autumn, and the return of french-eyeball god, this comic is gonna be awesome. also, what's with the bunny face in the last panel. why does giselle even have that anyways?

Leth.hate, 17 Nov 2012 09:33 pm     Reply

@william21: Yeah, I think that the fact that it's autumn in the northern hemisphere (Yeah, not just the US... AMAZING!) is not one of their concerns...
And she has the bunny because Giselle is too old for Pedobear.

HiEv (Guest), 18 Nov 2012 12:02 am     Reply

The "happy rape face bunny" is pretty awesome.

However, you marked this page as part of chapter 10 instead of chapter 11.

Leth.hate, 18 Nov 2012 02:50 am     Reply

@HiEv: Fucken zero key!

Draco (Guest), 18 Nov 2012 02:50 pm     Reply

Is that a DreamCast I see in the pile'o'crap?

william21, 18 Nov 2012 08:28 pm     Reply

@Leth.hate: sorry about the country-specified narcissism there. say, i suggested putting a comment section in the fan art page, so people can request to other's about what kinda fan art there could be, what do you, and other people, think about that.

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