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Chapter 10- Page 10

02 Nov 2012 07:32 am

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Author Comments:

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User Comments:

Pier D'achello, 02 Nov 2012 12:24 pm     Reply

just brilliant

man in black, 02 Nov 2012 01:27 pm     Reply

I bet that's not all of the Rule 34 Giselle out there

Kitleena, 02 Nov 2012 02:46 pm     Reply

@man in black: Probably not. And I'm sure there'll be more *doodle doodle*

william21, 02 Nov 2012 05:46 pm     Reply

crisis averted. next crisis to solve, how to get giselle's foot out of leth's butt, after she kicked it. say, can anyone post any of that r 34 giselle pics in the fanart section?

MrTTAO, 03 Nov 2012 11:30 am     Reply

The power of Christ compels you to watch porn!

N (Guest), 04 Nov 2012 10:57 am     Reply

I thought the can spelled: "sorry [porn] junkie" XD

Otherwise hillarious strip! "Infinite" and "magic hippie" lines XD

william21, 04 Nov 2012 03:04 pm     Reply

say, this just occurred to me, what if that was alizee on the screen and not giselle, they are twins and alizee actually has a relationship with a demon guy.

MrTTAO, 04 Nov 2012 06:43 pm     Reply

I just finished an exhaustive search for "Giselle" and "leth" (seperate searches) and have not found a single instance of rule34 of this comic. Someone uploaded page 64 (cam whore) into one of the sites (with the censorship bars intact) but that's it.
There are some pics of a disney character with the same name though

Leth.hate, 05 Nov 2012 06:22 am     Reply

@MrTTAO: I know that if you type 'giselle leth hentai' into google image search (Safe Search off) it does come with one result of rule 34 for Giselle. It's not much but it's something.

MrTTAO, 05 Nov 2012 02:37 pm     Reply

@Leth.hate: Oh my, you are right. Although said result is an adorable PG drawning (she is naked but all bits that "need" to be covered are obscured).

Funny thing is that the site it is hosted on was the FIRST site I searched yet for some reason its internal search simply does NOT find that picture.

I think I will go ahead and bug report that

UnknownFoodSubstance (Guest), 08 Nov 2012 07:55 am     Reply

That poster in the final panel, i'm wanting one.

Drago_Black (Guest), 08 Nov 2012 12:55 pm     Reply

site please!!
what site is that i cant find much "leth hate" on the

Neki_Neznanec (Guest), 08 Nov 2012 08:23 pm     Reply

I uploaded Giselle fanart to my DA account a couple o'days ago, but for some reason whenever I try to post a comment with the link leading to the pic, the comment doesn't get upoloaded...
You might try to google search '' Leth Hate Fanart - Polaroid Giselle, by LupenVanLuxus '', see if it finds that way...

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