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Chapter 4- Page 6

June 21st, 2011, 9:16 am

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Guest, June 21st, 2011, 9:29 am     Reply

So did Mr. Sausage also teach Hitler and Stalin how to make sausage gravy? That may explain why they were so pissy all the time.

DarkLemon, June 21st, 2011, 1:15 pm     Reply

XD saved my day <3

Dusk (Guest), June 22nd, 2011, 3:29 pm     Reply

think we all require video of this not sexual end to the sausage ;)

zero (Guest), June 23rd, 2011, 6:24 am     Reply

Giselle should become a crime fighter. She could defeat all evil doers in the same fashion as Mr. Sausage's proposed end. Although what would we call her in her superhero form?

Leth.hate, June 23rd, 2011, 7:12 am     Reply

@zero- Bukkakegirl!

Guest, June 23rd, 2011, 10:31 am     Reply

Bukkakegirl! How do you keep your skin so youthful and smooth?

Lots of skin moisturizer, of course.

TehWERR (Guest), June 24th, 2011, 11:51 am     Reply

When does update happen?
hey I was just wondering if you had an update schedule. if you don't that's fine too.

Leth.hate, June 25th, 2011, 12:12 pm     Reply

@TehWERR- Usually on Tuesdays and Saturdays...

TehWERR (Guest), June 28th, 2011, 5:52 am     Reply


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